boop. (it'ss vance.)

(lol how do i do divs again)

hey if you're into personal websites as a medium feel free to look at my personal landing page i made a couple years back. it was just meant to serve as a handy collection of links and inspiration for myself, not as content for sharing with others per se, but you might enjoy looking at it if you're into that kind of thing. as an offering until i have any actual content on this site here, or whatever.

oh right you can also feel free to look at my middle school personal website on the web archive lmao. check out my sick dollmaker
unfortunately my very first website, my Freewebs, where the landing page was a picture of Sailor Moon that i wrote "konnichiwa!" on in MS Paint, is gone for good. rip

you can find me on twitter @kbLogQ or find a listing of my professional work here